Brandon Otanjah's Thank You Letter

My son Brandon showed me the e-mail that you sent him. Thank you for also acknowledging his thank you letter. The last thing you gave Brandon was a playstation II and a year ago tickets to Disneyland. Each time you give this kid something it brings such joy to him. I remember the both gifts so vividly. Brandon had wanted to go to Disneyland and had told a neighbor we should all go to Disneyland. The call from Brandon went like this "Mom you won't believe what I just got. I said what son? He replied in an exciting voice I got tickets to Disneyland." He was so happy. My sister accompanied him and two of his friends to Disneyland. He couldn't stop talking about having so much fun.

Then the playstation II. Well, Brandon had a playstation II but gave it to his older brother that had join the Marines. Once Brandon found out that his brother would be stationed in Japan, and (will be leaving for Iraq in September) he told him to take the playstation II. His brother is his best friend and one of his biggest heroes. I think that your organization and Loma Linda Children's Hospital has helped this young man become a very generous person. As you put a smile on Brandon's face he puts smiles on other faces. Your kindness has caused the ripple affect. Brandon told me that he had asked for your organizations address because he wanted to say thank you. I was so happy when he followed through with saying thank you.

Brandon has been hospitalized more than two hundred times in his 16 years. I do not know if I will loose him one day to this awful disease. This is what I do know, That I will always treasure the happy times. I will treasure each person and your organization that helped this young man see the brighter side of life. People always ask how can he be so positive? My answer is that no one has ever taught him to not be positive.

From all the parents that have a sick child, thank you so much for what you have done. It seems to me that your organization has given the better part of each of you to such special children. God bless you and the work that you do. Thank you again!!!!!

Thank you,

Deborah Jordan
Brandon Otanjah's mother