Two and a half years old, not quite three feet tall, very sick with leukemia and a variable ball of energy. That’s Ronaldo “Ronny” Figueroa and he was the man of honor at his home in Coachella. There was only one thing that this young man wanted for a wish and that was an awesome Fort/Swing set that he had seen at Costco. Our was job simple, properly prepare his sparse backyard, lay down two tons of rubber mulch, border it with railroad ties and assemble the fort (encompassing several hundred parts) in temperatures exceeding 102 degrees.

This was easily (yea right!) accomplished under the profession volunteer guidance of Stan “The Man” Duncan, two of his employees and Ronaldo’s entire family including Grandpa, Mom, Uncles, Brothers and friends. Over two days we transformed his backyard from and arid dirt lot into a fort that any soldier would be proud to defend and play in! When it was finally assembled, Ronny performed an inaugural slide into the mulch. Afterwards, Grandma Angela served the entire volunteer force a wonderful lunch and we watched Ronny enjoy his new playground. He is a delightful little boy with an infectious smile and it was a pleasure to make his wish come true. Maybe now Ronny can hold the fort against his arch enemy leukemia and I think this deadly disease may have met its match! Thank you to everyone who made this wonderful dream a reality.

Corky Bell
Executive Director, DCMF