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   You know there are no words that Rick and I can say, to Thank You enough for all that you and the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation have done for Wade and us. Wade and Rick enjoyed their visit with Jeff Gordon so much. I have never seen Wade so excited and overwhelmed as he was that day of the race. We all enjoyed the race and the limousine rides. Wade had so much fun spending his $250.00. He couldn't get over the fact that it was his to spend on whatever he wanted at the races. He bought a Jeff Gordon back pack, a Jeff Gordon wallet, Jeff Gordon magnets, stickers, and even a golf ball that says Jeff Gordon on it. And his favorite he bought a Dupont Jeff Gordon jacket...All of the items are things he will be able to cherish for years.

   I believe God blesses certain people with very special talents, and Jeff, he has blessed you, with concerns and thoughts for these special children with their handicaps. Life seems a little better when they have people around that care. Thank You.

   Again we would like to thank ALL of you:
Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation
Jeff Weaver and his firm Winet, Patrick and Weaver
and also a big THANK YOU to Jeff for all their help on the adoption.


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